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Here is today's Fun English lesson, from Hotch Potch English...

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Fun English Lessons from Hotch Potch English

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1) Video Analysis
2) Podcast / Vidcast
3) News Analysis
4) Song of the Day

5) HPE Lesson Packs!


1) Today's Video Analysis 

Watch this video on the 8 factors of success from Richard St.John at TED Talks and answer the questions below...



Q2) Try to remember the 8 factors of success from the video  ???

Q1) What does the acronym 'CRAP' stand for?

   a) Criticism / Confidence / Context  ???
   b) Reason / Relationships / Rejection 
   c) Antagonism / Assholes / Agressive 
   d) Patience / Persistence / Pressure 

Q3) True or False?

   a) Mothers can help to push you  ???
   b) Bill Gates had no good ideas  
   c) The speaker interviewed 700 people  
   d) A 'TED-ster' is someone who comes to TED Talks  
   e) Money is the main reason people work towards success  
   f) Successful people aren't workaholics, they're workafrolics  
   g) The trick to being good at something is luck  

   h) To be successful you need to work on several projects  

Lots of Vidcasts & Podcasts to help you improve your English!2) Today's Podcast 

Listen to the podcast and answer the questions.

Read the text and comment on the
Mega Minute Blog

Blog : Podcast 52 : 'Man On The Moon'

  [Listen to the podcast] 

Q1) According to the Neil Armstrong quotation, the Earth from space...  ???

   a) looked very big
   b) made him feel like a giant
   c) made him feel pretty and blue
   d) looked like a pea
   e) made him feel very insignificant

Q2) True or false?

   a) The tides on the Moon are caused by the Earth's gravity  ???
   b) The Moon and the Earth are about the same age 
   c) The Moon's surface is roughly equivalent to Africa  ???
   d) Earth days are many times longer than Moon days

Q3) Why is the second joke funny?  ???

   a) Because the engineers are stupid
   b) Because the Sun has no moon
   c) Because the Sun has no night
   d) Because the world is round
   e) Because the Sun is cold

3) Today's News Analysis 

Pronunciation Practice
Listen and repeat
wave of eulogies moment of human achievement
will be included in them his former colleague
aspirations of an entire nation paying tribute online

Listen to and read this news story from the Guardian Website and answer the questions.


Neil Armstrong: Barack Obama leads tributes

Neil Armstrong was a hero "not just of his time, but of all time", President Barack Obama said Saturday as he led tributes to the former astronaut.

The death of Armstrong at the age of 82 was met by a wave of eulogies as people paid respect to both the man and his achievements as a space pioneer.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden commented: "As long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong
will be included in them," while fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin said he was "very saddened" to hear of the death of a "good friend".

In a statement, the president said: "Neil was among the greatest of American heroes not just of his time, but of all time." He said that the the crew of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 "carried with them the
aspirations of an entire nation".

"When Neil stepped foot on the surface of the moon for the first time, he delivered a
moment of human achievement that will never be forgotten," Obama added.

Likewise, Obama's Republican challenger for the White House, Mitt Romney, paid tribute to the former astronaut, tweeting: "Neil Armstrong today takes his place in the hall of heroes. The moon will miss its first son of earth."

Michael Collins, who flew to the moon alongside Aldrin and Armstrong, described
his former colleague as "the best", adding: "I will miss him terribly".

On Twitter, 'RIP Neil Armstrong' was trending within minutes of the news of his death breaking.

Rapper Snoop Dogg, who in 2009 teamed-up with Buzz Aldrin to produce the track Rocket Experience commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, was amongst those
paying tribute online. "RIP to my Unk Neil Armstrong! Stay high," the hip hop star tweeted.

Q1) Find expressions which are similar to:

   a) someone he used to work with  ???
   b) large number of positive comments
   c) complimenting someone on the internet  ???
   d) great event in history  ???
   e) has his place there  ???
   f) hopes and dreams of a whole country  ???

Q2) True or False?

   a) Neil Armstrong will be famous for a long time.  ???
   b) Michael Collins and Mitt Romney accompanied Neil Armstrong to the moon.  ???
   c) Snoop Dogg and Buzz Aldrin are taking the Rocket Experience into space 40 years after the first man walked on the moon.
   d) Armstrong's former astronaut colleague Michael Collins is sorry to hear he has died.  ???
   e) The US president, Barack Obama, thinks Neil Armstrong was a great man.  ???
   f) Many people used Twitter to share their thoughts.  ???
   g) According to the president, the Apollo mission was a hopeless adventure.  ???

Q3) Grammar & Vocabulary Challenge:

    a) Find a non-defining relative clause in the last paragraph!  ???

   b) Name the following verb tenses:

      i) Neil Armstrong was a hero
      ii) The deat of Armstrong... was met by...
      iii) Neil Armstrong today takes his place...
      iv) I will miss him terribly.
      v) RIP Neil Armstrong was trending within minutes...  ???

4) Today's Song  

The week the first man on the moon died, what better song to listen to than the great Space Oddity - by the genius called David Bowie!

Enjoy the track and see how much you can you can understand.

Watch the video, listen to the song, and do the exercises below...  



Space Oddity  (lyrics)
(by David Bowie)

I've changed the spelling of some of the words: sorry!

Listen to (and then sing!) the song correctly...

(Click on the ??? to see if you're right!)

Grownd control too major Tom
Grownd control too major Tom
Taik your proteen pills and poot you're helmet on
(Ten) Grownd control (Nine) too major Tom (Ate)
(Seven, sex) Commensing cowntdown (Five), engynes on (For)
(Three, two) Cheque ignision (One) and may gods (Liftoff) love bee with you


This is grownd control too major Tom, you've reely maid the grade
And the paypers want to now who's shirts you ware
Now it's tyme to leaf the capsule if you dair


This is major Tom too grownd control, I'm stepping threw the door
And I'm floting in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
Her am I sitting in a tin can far above the world
Planet Earth is blew and there's no thing I can do


Though I'm past one hundred thowsand miles, I'm feeling very stil
And I think my spaceship nows which way too go
Tell my wive I love here very much, she nows
Grownd control too major Tom, you're circuits dead, their's something wrong


Can you here me, major Tom?
Can you here me, major Tom?
Can you here me, major Tom?
Can you...

Her am I sitting in my tin can far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blew and their's nothing I can do









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