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Here is today's Fun English lesson, from Hotch Potch English...

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Fun English Lessons from Hotch Potch English

We Are The Champions

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1) Video Analysis
2) Podcast / Vidcast
3) News Expressions
4) Song of the Day

5) HPE Lesson Packs!


1) Today's Video Analysis 

Watch this funny You Tube video of an advertisement from Oddset, a betting company. Try to understand, enjoy, and answer the questions.


Q1) What is the Italian player's problem?  ???

   a) Bad legs and bad karma
   b) Bad karma and bad eggs
   c) Bad eggs and bad hair
   d) Bad legs and bad eggs
   e) Bad hair and bad legs

Q2) The German players...  ???

   a) Run in lines
   b) Run in all directions
   c) Don't listen to their trainer

   d) Listen closely to their trainer

Q3) Put the Qatari player's actions (as seen in the ad) in order  ???

   a) kicks the ball
) gets out of limousine
   c) has a drink
   d) applauds the crowd
puts on sun glasses
   f) takes off sun glasses
   h) arrives in a limousine

Q4) Find the superlatives for each team (e.g. fastest / most exciting)

   a) Italy  ???
   b) Vatican  ???
   c) Germany  ???
   d) Qatar  ???
   e) Brazil  ???

Lots of Vidcasts & Podcasts to help you improve your English!2) Today's Podcast 

Listen to the podcast and answer the questions.

Read the text and comment on the
Mega Minute Blog

Blog : Podcast 45 : 'Football Crazy'

  [Listen to the podcast] 

Q1) According to the quotation, football is...  ???

   a) a disappointing attitude
   b) less important than life
   c) more important than life and death
   d) as important as death

Q2) True or false?

   a) it rains a lot in Scotland  ???
   b) the dead chicken is Manchester City's official mascot
   c) James Hayter scored three goals in less than three minutes

Q3) According to the joke, Chelsea fans are...  ???

   a) good men
   b) not good men
   c) dead people
   d) two people

3) Today's News Expressions 

Pronunciation Practice
Listen and repeat
dramatic penalty shoot-out were all on target
on the brink of victory his moment of destiny
delivered the greatest glory wild scenes of elation

Listen to and read this news story from the The BBC Website and answer the questions.


Drogba the key to Chelsea's historic Champions League glory

Chelsea stunned Bayern Munich in a dramatic penalty shoot-out at the Allianz Arena to win the Champions League for the first time.

Thomas Mueller's late header put Bayern on the brink of victory on home territory but Didier Drogba levelled things up with a bullet header at the death before coolly converting the decisive spot-kick.

The tournament which gave Chelsea their greatest agony when they lost on penalties to Manchester United four years ago in Moscow has now delivered the greatest glory in their 107-year history.

Juan Mata missed Chelsea's first penalty but David Luiz, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole were all successful. Philipp Lahm, Mario Gomez and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer were all on target for Bayern.

The momentum shifted decisively when Cech denied Ivica Olic and Bastian Schweinsteiger hit the post to leave Chelsea on the brink and present Drogba with his moment of destiny.

He was calmness personified as he rolled the ball past Neuer to spark wild scenes of elation among Chelsea's players, staff and supporters.

Q1) Find expressions which are similar to:

   a) very nearly successful  ???
   b) evidence of great happiness
   c) given the most important honour  ???
   d) exciting final test  ???
   e) an extremely important instant  ???
   f) they all scored goals  ???

Q2) True or False?

   a) Chelsea won the Champions League.  ???
   b) Drogba is very happy at the Munich club  ???
   c) Drogba equaled the score with a late goal
   d) It was Chelsea's second victory after beating Manchester United four years ago  ???
   e) Chelsea scored four out of five penalties in the final shoot-out  ???
   f) Drogba seemed very nervous as he took the final penalty  ???

Q3) Grammar Challenge:

   a) Find two adverbs (e.g. quickly / messily)  ???
   b) Find six examples of
irregular verbs (e.g. come / find)  ???
   c) Find a
defining relative clause (e.g. where I grew up)  ???

4) Today's Song 

No introduction needed for this classic Queen song from back in the 70s, now sung by any victorious team these days: We Are The Champions.

Watch the video and do the exercises below...



We Are The Champions  (lyrics)
(by Queen)

I've changed some of the words in this song: sorry!

Listen and try to hear the correct words...

(Click on the ??? to see if you're right!)

I've paid my taxes -
Time after time -
I've done my homework
But committed no felony -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of balls kicked in my face -
But I've come through

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on sleeping - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time to be lazy
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -

I've taken my vows
And my silver balls -
You brought me fame and cookies and everything that goes with them
- I thank everyone of you -

But it's been no bed of manure
No pleasure booze -
I consider it an insult to the whole work place -
And I'm not gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on eating - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for boozers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -








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