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Learning English has Never Been Easier or More Fun!

At Hotch Potch English, we believe you learn faster and better when...

  exercises are short and snappy
 there is a lot of variety
 you can listen to real English
 topics are up to date
 new materials are added weekly
 It's Fun!


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A Revolutionary Integrated Skills & Technology Approach

Learning a language can be difficult, especially when you are a busy professional or an over-worked student with many other demands on your time. That's why we have developed our revolutionary Integrated Skills & Technology approach to learning English.

Two things are certain. One: the internet is a fantastic tool for language learning, but without guidance or a fun, inventive method it will become just like another boring grammar book. Two: personal contact and encouragement is vital when learning a language. The teacher is not dead, and without positive feedback from someone who cares about your progress, you will never really feel that your efforts are succeeding.

At Hotch Potch English, we have addressed both of these points. Our exercises are extremely varied, up-to-date, and enjoyable to do thanks to interactive exercises, podcasts and videos, mini-tests, press analysis and much much more. And thanks to the Forum and the Blog, you will have real direct contact not only with other learners but also with the creator of this site, English language fanatic Sab Will!

As a Hotch Potch English PRO member, you have total, unlimited access to all sections of the site: Hints & Tips, Activities, Lessons, Resources, Blog, Forum and Boutique. You will also receive a constant supply of exclusive new materials as we add lessons, games, exercises, videos and audio recordings to the different sections.

Thanks to our unique method you can enjoy all the benefits of modern technology whilst still being able to discuss questions and solve problems with a real, dedicated English teacher. See you at Hotch Potch English!

Let Us Know What You Think...

Your opinion is valuable to us.

Let us know exactly what you think of Hotch Potch English at any time, in the Forum, on the Blog, or by e-mail at comment@hotchpotchenglish.com.

By telling us how we can improve our service to you, we will be able to serve you better.

It's vital to know that someone is listening, especially when you are having problems or not sure what to do next. That's why we promise to reply to your comments and questions as soon as we read them.

It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

Improve your English in 60 days or It's FREE!

We believe your English will improve faster than ever when you join us as a PRO member. But we don't expect you to take our word for it! That's why we would like you to try Hotch Potch English absolutely 100% risk free.

Now you can try our innovative language learning method for 30 days with no risk to you whatsoever. We guarantee our unique system will help you improve your English faster than ever before, or you pay nothing! We'll give you a full 100% refund... absolutely no questions asked. Not only that, but you keep your free gifts forever! What could be better than that?

Get 3 FREE Gifts if You Order Today!

FREE BONUS #1: Top 10 Secrets to Learning English Fast! (29.99 Value)! Buy a Hotch Potch English Language Learning Pack today, and you'll get our amazing publication: Top 10 Secrets to Learning English Fast! This unique and exclusive booklet reveals the world's TOP SECRETS to finally becoming confident in understanding and using the international language of communication and business: English!

FREE BONUS #2: Why Traditional Language Lessons Just Don't Work (29.99 Value)! Join us at Hotch Potch English now, and we'll send you our shocking report: Why Traditional Language Lessons Just Don't Work. Language expert Sab Will discusses the reasons why classrooms and even CD-ROMs and 'interactive web sites' can fail, and offers some innovative solutions you can start using right now to help your English fly!

FREE BONUS #3: English Learner's Reference Manual (29.99 Value)! All Hotch Potch English students will receive an extremely useful booklet covering all the main tenses, structures and functions needed to survive in many every day situations, as well as many typical phrases along with a Hints & Tips section.



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